Monday, 29 February 2016

1st Tuesday night of the month so ... it's Beginners night at The Northern Ukulele aka THE NUKES

7pm - 9pm ... But be early if you want a seat down the front as the place fills up really fast.

1st Tuesday night of the month  so ... it's Beginners night at The Northern Ukulele aka THE NUKES

Old Spot Hotel, 1955 Main North Road Salisbury South Australia.

GOLD COIN Donation, that sure is some cheap fun right there.

Music notes and loaner ukuleles provided.

A two hour session devoted to the new to ukulele brigade.

Lots of info on the basics, chords and rhythm.

Lots of very very easy songs , nothing over 3 chords.

Lots of hints tips and tricks to get you playing and making music fast.

If you are new to ukulele in Adelaide, this is the place to be.

Bring a friend, bring your family, lots of loaner ukuleles available.

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