Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Limelight Fancy Dress Concert.

Halloween Limelight  Fancy Dress Concert.Governor Hindmarsh

Tuesday Night 30th 

Doors open 7pm.

I will be at 3D radio Hillbilly Hoot Monday from 7pm for anyone who wants a runthrough.
Song 1. Fairytale of New York by the Pouges.

Opening Song ETA 7:15 to 7:30 ish

Artists Richard Tonkin + CC Lily de Leo + Pete Barter + Simon.

Fairytale of New York by the Pouges.

Key D.
Chords Verse D A D G A D D G A D
Chords Chorus G A D Bm D G A D

Watch it here

Song 2. Rockin All Over The World - John Fogerty

Northern Ukuleles will play in First Set

Rockin All Over The World - John Fogerty

Artists CC + Pete Barter + Simon + Warren Kepler + lots more NUkes
Key: G
Chords: G C D

Watch it here. NOTE THE ORIGINAL KEY IS D but we do it in G

Tab is here

Song 3. Werewolves of London

Artists CC + Tess Coleman + Pete Barter+ Simon + Phil Crowe if he brings his Piano for the Ukulele Circus

Key D
Progression D C G

Watch it Here.

Cheers CC

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Werewolves of London - Lyrics

Halloween is coming you know, so looking for suitable Halloween Songs, suggestions welcome...  You can find me at The Gov on 30th October for the Big Halloween Fancy Dress Party.

Yes I know that "Technically" it is 1 day before Halloween but I got a Billy Bragg Gig to go to on the 31st.
Cheers CC

Ukulele strum patterns for stand by me

John Mansfield AKA The Frog with another great Video on Ukulele strum patterns for "Stand by me"
Cheers CC

Thursday, 4 October 2012

12 Bar Blues Backing Track In A Major

Hi there.
This is a guitar backing track, but play your Ukuleles over it, its cool.
The chord progression is a I IV V progression in A major, which using our Handy Dandy Inbuilt Chord Progression Calculator, or as I like to call it our Left Hand, means our Thumb is The Home Chord or I chord of A.
Count fingers up to the 4th finger ie A B C D and ta da our chord calculator gives us the IV chord of D and one more finger along and hey presto there is the V chord or E.  
Make em all 7th chords, or some 7th and some majors, mix it up have fun, experiment.
Listen/feel for the changes and the way the song feels resolved back to the I chord of A.  Keep counting and Jam On Ukers.
Cheers CC

A Major Blues Backing Track

KEY: A Major Blues Backing Track, play A D and E chords, try using the 7ths of those chords too, mix them up, keep counting and listen/feel for the changes.

I will try and find more for you folks,
cheers CC

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Great Ukulele Jam Night with The Northern Ukuleles (AKA The NUkes) at the Old Spot tonight.

Great Ukulele Jam Night with The Northern Ukuleles (AKA The NUkes) at the Old Spot tonight. 

Big Thanks to Roy for Teaching a Lesson how to play Then I Kissed Her & John M for refresher in Fever 

And thanks to Ian, Tess & Mikey for mucking in and helping the Newbies get there fingers sorted. 

Congratulations to all ukers who attended tonight, great work... keep counting and practicing, see you on the 16th Oct.

Cheers CC

Ukulele Jam Night 2nd October at The Old Spot Hotel 7pm

Ukulele Jam Night 2nd October at The Old Spot Hotel 7pm.

Lessons in how to play Ukulele for the price of a Gold Coin Donation, bargain.

Tonight Roy Teaches us the Beachboys Classic "Then I Kissed Her" complete with the twiddly bits.

More Blues and More Rocking out practicing our song for the Limelight Performance at the Gov on Tue 30th

Cheers CC