Thursday, 24 January 2013

The NUkes Ukulele Jam Night...Tuesday the 29th January.

Hooray... January has an extra Tuesday Night in the we have another Tuesday Night Ukulele Jam with The NUkes.

Tuesday the 29th January in the Dining room of the Old Spot Hotel, Main North Road Salisbury.

7pm - 8pm  Welcome Beginners (or those who want a refresher in the Basics)

8pm - 9pm  Learn New Songs & Techniques + Practice the NUkes Repertoire.

9pm - 10pm Jam what you want, Bring it to the table, Run it up the flag pole, Throw it in the get the idea.

10pm - Late: Hardcore Jams for late owls.

See you there Peoples.

Cheers CC

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