Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Launch of The Northern Ukuleles Nights at The Old Spot Hotel

What a great Ukulele Jam night we had at The Old Spot Hotel, Salisbury Heights, last night.  To use the Aussie vernacular "what a bloody ripper" of a night was had by all.

We covered a whole lotta Ukulele ground last night. and I'll post more in-depth information later on.
But to Summarize, this is what you missed.  

  • We covered the Most Popular Chords in songs,  
  • How to play Barre Chords on your Ukulele,  
  • Practice Tips, 
  • Timing and Rhythm Lesson from Education Through Inspiration 
  • We learnt and played a 12 Bar Blues and a Funk Progression 
  • And we learned and played those classic songs  by John Foggerty, Rockin All Over The World and Bad Moon Rising.
The next Northern Ukuleles Jam Night is on Tuesday 18th September 7pm - 9pm at The Old Spot Hotel Salisbury Heights.  Cheers CC.    

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